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Spiritual People Have Rights

by Angeline Pacy on 05/26/17

  1. You have the right to set boundaries and not be considered hard, harsh, judgmental or unspiritual, uptight or "kinasty"
  2. You have the right to not be perfect 
  3. You have the right to say no when you need to conserve your resources and limited energy and still be spiritual
  4. You have the right to say "stop abusing me," and remove abusive people from your life
  5. You have the right to have a drink responsibly and still set boundaries around people in your life suffering from addiction
  6. You have the right to date, make love, respect your body and the bodies of others and still be considered spiritual
  7. You have the right to be yourself and still be considered spiritually serious
  8. You have the right to express yourself, including saying FUCK if that's what you need in a bad moment, without judgement
  9. You have the right to get angry, feel rage and process it
  10. You have the to advocate for yourself, speak out about social justice issues and work for justice


Being spiritual doesn't disqualify you from the human experience. It's about living for something bigger, treating yourself and others with respect, facing change, and knowing when to acknowledge and take responsibility. We're not perfect. But, we hold the hands of those who are suffering (as we are called and physically / emotionally qualified and able). We respect ourselves and move ahead towards personal progress. We commit to love but aren't perfect. Leaders are spiritual. They are open. They work on themselves and take others along in the journey.


Attraction: what are you drawing to you?

by Angeline Pacy on 05/26/17

I had the time of my life helping a friend out at a few public events to generate new patients to her holistic practice. This particular technique is not widely used or known, but is sensational and requires experienced ambassadors to share with newcomers. I learned some very important lessons through this experience that apply to business, sales, marketing and even dating. Read on for more...

How do we attract the right customer or relationship? When we dogmatically use a cookie cutter sales pitch or get in people's faces or try too hard (sometimes to impress), we attract the wrong people. 

In the middle of one event, my doctor-friend shared with me a secret. She said, "I only want you to spend time with people who show interest in this opportunity," rather than to hook folks passing by who need to move on for one reason or another. "This ensures that the right people will come to the practice."

Part of this philosophy involves trust. It involves an understanding that people find what they need when they are ready. Sometimes people are not ready to receive the Light or a relationship at a particular juncture. We must have faith, trust, and hope that "Source" will provide the right people to minister to, the right people to sell to (who will benefit and are ready for healing) and the right men/women in our lives to grow with (romantically or otherwise). 

We can spend too much time applying metaphoric makeup, attracting a "customer" who just isn't right for us. Let go. Trust. Attract the right energy. Healing will come. Answers will arrive. People will show up for you...but it may not be what you expect.


When we trust Source and the innate ability to draw/attract the right things, we also avoid tragedy, stress, grief and unnecessary losses. May you be filled with Light and trust the right people will come to you!

What is this Higher Power?

by Angeline Pacy on 05/26/17

For me, my #faith, though not complex in religious terms, is as real to me as the nose on my face. Everyday, I walk in confidence.  "Source" is what we now often call the life-changing personal experience and relationship with a loving higher power. But, not everyone has yet to embrace or experience the Eternal Now and life-changing Eternal Love...

Where does everyone else land in this existence? You can begin your journey with a special and easy to embrace concept called "the higher power." You don't need to have a religious context to have something meaningful in your life that guides you to love, peace and real coping skills (although many people around the world find an organized church meaningful in their spiritual walk). 

Having a higher power is as simple as learning to let go, trust, learn, grow, and become one with a power greater than self. Start there. Water it regularly. Watch it grow. You will find and attract and be guided to special people and events to encourage you on your journey. 

Duck out of Water

by Angeline Pacy on 05/26/17

Have you ever seen a duck out of water? They are skittish, adorable and look pretty innocent. But, ducks living "out of water" often end up the victims to predators.

Bullying in the animal kingdom is pretty common. Not only is there a pecking order amongst same species, but there is a hierarchy between species with a predictable role-play between predator and prey.  

I went through a phase where I thought the duck was the greatest animal on earth. But when my parents purchased our first batch of ducklings from Erickson's Grain-mill, I was sorely disappointed. 

Our batch of ducks also came with a very large flock of chicks, the tiniest chickens you ever saw! Ordinarily, I considered chicks to be very innocent. Little, fluffy and yellow, you would never believe what they did to those baby ducks. The chicks were the ruling class and dominated our poor baby ducklings, even though they were smaller! The ducklings were shy, withdrawn and out-right unfriendly.

I named our ducklings after the four members of the rock band called U2. After seeing them so pathetic, I thought maybe I should change their name. These little ducklings were no rock stars!

But after we got everyone settled in to their new little poultry paradise, we created a make-shift pool for the ducks to play-in. It was then that I learned that ducklings "out of water" are nothing like the real deal. 

In water, my ducklings were adorable because they instantly became animated. They swam around in delight, using what little water they had at their disposal as a regular water theme park, waterskiing and sliding all over the place. Not long into their new water experience, they became aggressive with the chicks; with water as their new safety net, all the roles were reversed. It wasn't long before I considered my once shy and lethargic ducklings to be the big bullies!

Given the right dynamics, the right environment, we can go through life in a shell-shocked state like our baby ducklings without water. But in the right environment, we all have the ability to shine. We also have the ability, like these ducklings, to become little bullies.