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Expressive Art Institute
"Lovely Lilly," Pastels by Lorraine Pacy

Please contact us with your specific requests and we will prepare a free estimate of a rock or mixed media canvas.
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"From the Bayou," acrylic on glass, by Lorraine Pacy

Created by Lorraine Pacy
Left: Charcole of 'First Breeze,' the Pacy's race horse

Below: Water Color

Angeline Pacy, 1990's

Left: Pencil

Right: Acrylic on stone 

"Sunrise on the Lake in Concord," 
(Acrylic on Canvas)
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Angeline Pacy
Featured Rocks, Acrylic
The thumbnail photos (Above) are pictures of Angeline Pacy's rock art (acrylic paint on rock). Select a photo to enlarge.
Cape Cod Light House by Lorraine Pacy
​Angeline's 1st Pointillism peices, (left) portrait of mother (Laurie Ann) and to the right, forrest landscape in ink.
Acrylic on Canvas, Lorraine Pacy
Pointillism  Pieces by Angeline, 2012-2013
Lorraine Pacy, Water Color

Above: "Vermont"

Above: "en Afrique,"
Below: On the Banks of the Seine, New Interpretation

Acrylic on Canvas by Angeline Pacy
Above: Acrylic on Canvas, 2013
To the Right: Oil Pastel, 2013
Angeline Pacy, Mixed Media
Above: Lorraine's (bottom right) and Angeline's (top right) remake of Monet's  impressionistic classic.

The pieces above are from their first pastels workshop, a new medium for them both.

Below: Angeline's early attempt at water colors.  
Lorraine Pacy, Mixed Media
Photo Gallery of Original Art Work 
Lorraine & Angeline Pacy