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"Sisters" Acrylic on Rock, 2006
Painted by Lorraine for Angeline's birthday  
Above photos were taken at local & national ALS Association events, including Advocacy Week, ALS Family Charitable Foundation & ALS TDI events. 
"Berry Delight" 
by Angeline Pacy, acrylic on rock
"The Dancer is the Artist"
by Angeline Pacy, mixed media
     Angeline and Lorraine Pacy, sisters from Boxborough, Massachusetts, founded the Expressive Art Institute in 2011, where they are independent artists. The Pacy sisters first began painting garden rocks for fun as children (just like their great-aunt, Ester). They have a unique style that integrates intuitive art, self-expression and nature and they incorporate these techniques into their workshops. The Pacy sisters also enjoy using their love for art and children to volunteer as face-painters and donate art work to various charity organizations that are special to them both.

     The sisters have many other interests. In addition to being an artist, Angeline enjoys raising public health awareness for tick-born illness, Lou Gehrig's disease and chronic illness. She loves health and wellness and has over 20,000 verifiable clinical contact hours mentoring patients in life-skill groups, meditation, stress-reduction, and direct patient care. When not mentoring patients, she writes in the health-sciences for various research organizations. Lorraine Pacy is an artist, certified pre-school teacher and an experienced color guard and winter guard instructor; she danced, "spun" and taught (locally and with a world-class winter guard). Both Angeline (1998) and Lorraine (2003-2004) were captains of the local color guard at Acton-Boxborough High School where they enjoyed this unique outlet for self-expression. They hope to incorporate stress-reduction, art and nature into every day life.

     Angeline and Lorraine are delighted to lead your next event with art. Contact us if you would like to host or sponsor a workshop or event for your work, practice, fundraiser, or community event. 

Madeline Porrazzo and Laurie Ann Pacy
(Sisters) The Pacy's Aunt & Mother, 2007

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Lorraine Pacy & Angeline Pacy
Angeline with Auntie Madeline, 
after diagnosis
Auntie Madeline with daughter, Amanda
Post-Boston ALS Walk Celebration, 2010
Auntie Di-Di, home to be with
 Auntie Madeline
Lorraine with Auntie Madeline, 
after diagnosis
Auntie Mary, Lorraine, Amanda, & Ang
Chelsea, 2010
Armand (Papa), 
Laurie & Madeline's father, 
Wayland 2011 Walk
Team Pacy (and extended family) are fighting to raise awareness and research funds for neurodegenerative diseases like familial ALS and neuro-muscular infections / tick-born illness (both on the rise here in New England and nationally). One of their favorite ways to raise awareness is to organize and participate in fundraisers, where they paint faces, pass out flyers and educate the public on neurodegenerative disease and tick-born illness. Most recently, artistic pieces created by the Expressive Art Institute are donated directly to organizations impacting patients who desperately need help. In addition, attending public policy conferences and research conferences improves patient advocacy on behalf of many who have lost their voice and are suffering.  Will you work for a cure together?

Lou Gehrig's disease (formally called ALS) is a progressive motor-neuron disease that robs patients of the ability to move, breathe, swallow, and speak on their own. In Angeline's words, "ALS strikes the young, the aged, the wealthy, those with little means, and those with big dreams."  Angeline and Lorraine's lives, as well as the lives of their family, were deeply impacted after losing several relatives from familial ALS.

​Thanks to a series of miraculous events, integrative medicine and advocacy, Angeline's life has been spared; but, she is also working hard for Lyme disease (Borreliosis) awareness and advocacy after this illness nearly took her life; she and several other members of the family were impacted severely by tick-born illness after years of misdiagnosis. Lyme disease, a tick-born infection on the rise, is now growing at a faster rate than HIV. 

In 2013, the Centers of Disease Control admitted to grossly under-reporting this disease. Annual cases are now estimated at more than 300,000 / year. Conventional testing methods are failing an entire generation due to the patenting and privitization of grant-funded research, as well as special-interest groups and conflicts of interest within public and private non-profit agencies. Many other infections are also transmitted by tick bite too and are missed due to ignorance and inadequate ELISA testing! Thanks to Lyme research and advocacy through a grass-roots movement, there is hope.  Walk with us to keep this world safe.
Lorraine & Angeline Pacy, 2010
​Auntie Madeline with Amanda,
 Wayland Walk 2010
Angeline and Nathan with mother, 
Laurie Ann, 2007
Porrazzo kids with cousin, Carol, 1968
Laurie & Danny (back)
Armand, Jimmy, Madeline, Carol
Team Pacy, 2010
Post- Boston ALS Walk Celebration
Laurie Ann (mummy) and I listened to her favorite song "You Raise me Up," as we cooked and baked for the family.  It was a warm summer day when we napped and listened to this song together during her last months fighting familial ALS; she was a fighter until the end. After she passed, her song played during our first ALS walk (below) as the crowd hiked through the streets of Boston.  We walked arm-in-arm for her and for future generations who will face neurodegenerative disease. But most recently, we are expanding our advocacy campaign to focus on available solutions and proactive advocacy. Work with us before it's too late!
About The Artists
(Left & Right) ALS 
Advocacy Week in Washington, D.C.,
Meeting with Congress & candel light vigil
ALS Therapy Development Institute, White Coat Affair fundraiser for research (Above)
ALS Family Charitable Foundation friends (Above)
Team Pacy, Boston & Wayland  ALS Walks, 
2010 & 2011
At last, the Balcombs (our family) meet the Halcombs (above) during Advocacy Week; our new family!
ALS Association's 2012 Public Policy Conference 
and Advocacy Week, Washington D.C.
Walk Together for a Cure: "Dum Spiro Spero" 
Translates: "While I have breath, I hope," the ancient motto of this family, the Balcombs
Some of Team Pacy with 
Auntie Madeline, 2010
Team Pacy at Boston Walk, 2010 
with Mix 104.1